Graphic Arts from the World. Australia and New Zealand

International Centre for Graphic Arts - Centrum Gallery

Rynek Główny 29, 2nd floor, 31-010 Krakow, Poland

03.10.2013 – 30.10.2013

vernissage: 03.10.2013, 18:00

Graphic Arts from the World. Australia and New Zealand

In the new cycle of exhibitions titled Graphic Arts from the World held at the International Centre for Graphic Arts, we attempt to outline the contour of the map of the graphic arts world. The upcoming exhibition will feature print works from Australia and New Zealand created by artists who were present at Biennials and Triennials in Krakow for the past 40 years. Paradoxically the prints of the antipodes are close to us, due to the subject matter, motives and artistic language. They reflect the hopes and fears of contemporary   man, his emotions and experience. It is also a picture of a changing, dynamic, and sometimes dramatic deconstruction of the world. The prints from Australia and New Zealand suggest a different, intriguing perspective on the world and space. We can find there a hot breath of the Australian interior, a unique color of the sky and water. A point of reference is the archetype, a touch of the very beginning of man and the world. It is a story of the time past and the unique space which is inaccessible for a man living today. It is worth to get a look at this story in the Australian and New Zealand works.

A popular printmaking techniques are: woodcut in colour, mezzotint, lithography, and also mixed media: intaglio with cardboard print, aquafort with serigraphy or digital print.


More than 30 prints shown at the exhibition come from the collection of the International Print Triennial Society in Krakow.


Monika Wanyura-Kurosad

Curator of exhibition 


MCSG Gallery is open from Monday till Friday 10.00 – 16.00

or by phone appointment: +48 12 422 19 03, +48 510 050 844.



Australia: Dave Bown, Wayne Crothers, Christopher Denton, Dianne Fogwell, David Frazer, Roslyn Kean, Helen Kennedy, Bea Maddock, Patricia Payne, Yvonne Rees-Pagh, Olga Sankey, Jorg Schmeisser, Gary Shinfield, Csaba Szamosy, Arthur Wicks, Cleo Wilkinson, Małgorzata Wlodarczak-Sarnecka.
New Zealand: Jennie Cooke, Gordon Crook, Jenny Dolezel, Stephen Lovett.


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