Eksperyment Gallery is an exhibition space located in International Centre of Graphic Arts in Krakow in the very center of the city at Main Square.


The aim of the gallery is to present graphic works and intermedia, where graphical element plays an important role, works that have an experimental character which leads to creating new directions in contemporary graphics.  


As part of the exhibitions presented in the Gallery we will highlight the relationship between graphics and other art and design disciplines (graphic installations, multimedia installations, motion graphics, video games and other types of games that use graphic media, intermedia works, performance graphics, comics and other graphic forms of narration).


Gallery is for both young artists, giving them an opportunity to present their activities to a wide audience, as well as mature artists whos main objective is an experiment aimed to transform this graphic art discipline.


We hope that our gallery will be a kind of artistic laboratory and a living meeting place for the graphic arts ethusiasts. We look forward to your ideas!


Download Eksperyment Gallery Regulations [PDF, 145KB] >>
Download the plans of Eksperyment Gallery [PDF, 14KB] >>
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