MTG 2018 Laureates | Honorary Mention

MTG 2018 Laureates | Honorary Mention
Honorary Mention
Natalie Lamanova | Russia
Kinetos Interactive
multimedia graphic game | 2018 | variable dimensions
Like in case of the Edison’s Kinetoscope, the installation Kinetos Interactive is meant for an individual observer but, unlike Edison's device, it gives the viewer the ability to partially control what is happening on the screen. The user can use the mouse to make a character or direct various types of collective movement: jump, run, fall, tumble etc. Alongside with the movements induced by the user, the characters act according to their own-programmed scenarios, but are also influenced by haphazard factors and objects. Furthermore there are anomalies in the code that sometimes lead to unpredictable actions. Player is able to modify some of these surprising actions but, as in life, some things remain beyond our control. The project was made during 2017-2018 with the use of 3d modeling, animation and the latest gaming technologies. Used software: Blender and the open programming environment Unity 3D.


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