[SMTG members exhibitions] JOANNA LATKA — «FROM SHADOWS AND FOG»


[SMTG members exhibitions] JOANNA LATKA — «FROM SHADOWS AND FOG»

We invite you on behalf of the artist – SMTG member – to the exhibition JOANNA LATKA — «FROM SHADOWS AND FOG» in Galeria das Salgadeiras in Portugal


JOANNA LATKA — «FROM SHADOWS AND FOG» 21st November 2015 to 9th January 2016 «From shadows and fog | Das sombras e do nevoeiro» Joanna Latka presents a selection of her engravings and drawings since 2007. Characterised by a strong expressionist nature and monochromatic register with intense light/dark contrast, the reference to German Expressionism is clear. Hence the title of this exhibition, formally inspired by the aforementioned Woody Allen movie (1991), itself a tribute to this early 20th century artist movement. In this show there is mystery, somberness and highly contrasted outlines, distorted figuration, scenarios which are unrepresentative of their concrete reality per se, but rather the emotional and subjective perspective of them. These are art works in which Joanna’s distinctive sensibility of irony and satire are present, as style and formal instruments are used by the artist to provoke the spectator. «From shadows and fog» is integrated in the Inshadow Festival, whose theme for this year’s edition is “Shadow and Body”, highlighting the relationship of this exhibition with movement and cinema. The festival takes place between November 26th and December 6 in several venues across Lisbon. 

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Galeria das Salgadeiras - Rua da Atalaia, 12 a 16 - 1200-041 Lisboa - (+ 351) 213 460 881 -

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