MTG 2018 Laureates | Honorary Mention

MTG 2018 Laureates | Honorary Mention
Honorary Mention
Marlena Biczak | Poland
Game series
aquatint | 2016 | 70 x 100 cm
The Game series is a story about the border between authenticity and creation. About the ways of functioning at their interface. About distance and withdrawal. About manners, poses and masks. About all methods of encrypting own emotional sphere.
Prints were made in the technique of aquatint, but their first phase of creation can be found in digital graphics. This is the starting point for most of my works. It is a kind of sketch for me, a quick note of emotions. On these basis the later works are created. Their visuality often deviates from the original record. While working on the prints, the most important thing for me is to capture the emotional part of the subject. Using abstract forms, that have their pedigree in reality, is the most common way for me to build a narrative.


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