MTG 2018 Laureates | European Printmaking Prize 2018

MTG 2018 Laureates | European Printmaking Prize 2018
European Printmaking Prize 2018
Tracy Hill  | United Kingdom
Black Water from a series Matrix of Movement
laser cut woodblock printed on Kozo paper | 2018 | 150 x 300 cm
My works have always been a response to experience and memory of place. This time mossland sites of the North West England shaped and definied by its commiunities. For some they hold stories and memories of a working life in tune with sesonal patterns, a celebration of ecological uniqueness, while for others they invite imagination throug stories of mistery, refuge and escape but for most they are seen for their economic value as a potential space to be controlled and exploited. For two years I worked alongside Lancashire Wildlife Trust gaining the experience and local knowledge needed to reconnect with these unique transient spaces. For me knowing as opposed to mapping is a method of wayfinding prevalent in non-western cultures. My practice is about ‘wayfinding’, it represents my constant striving for a deeper understanding of the places I encounter through walking and my search for ways to communicate this understanding. 
My cross-disciplinary practice investigates and reconsiders the relationship between our developing of digital capabilities and the aesthetics of the traditional hand created mark. I use portable 3-D terrestrial laser scanner (FARO) as a mean of data capture. I recorded multiple locations during months of site visits. Then I was able to manipulate the imaginery and create an image closer  to my sensory experience of place. The images then, no longer capable of scientific mapping, then became a form of personal memory map. They are then transfer to the wooden plate and carefully print with use of traditional skills and procedures. 



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